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Kitchen prep table – What is difference between kitchen prep table sandwich & salads and pizza preparation tables? How to choose proper preparation table for your kitchen? There are definitely some things you’ll want to consider before making an investment. They are most common. They have a refrigerated base, a workspace for cutting and ample space for ingredients. Traditionally, cutting boards are narrower than those with pizza preparation tables, but space for inserts is greater. They work very well for a line of preparation. Depending on application, one of these two types of preparation tables will work best for your kitchen. Consider your menu, ingredients you need daily, as well as what will be most efficient for your staff. Note that you can use tables’ preparation for much more than just sandwiches and pizzas! Preparation tables are so versatile that surely find use in your restaurant.

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For starters, you have to determine how many kitchen prep table you need and where they will be placed in kitchen. (If you need help define where you should put your preparation tables, our consultants can guide you). Width will be first and most important consideration you will have when choosing a prep table. After all, it has to fit right? Not only is it important to determine width for design of space, but also to determine workspace and storage. Height is second consideration, since ideal is that height of preparation table match up with rest of equipment, especially if going to put in a line.

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Like any cooler, prep tables are driven by compressors and compressors need space for ventilation. This is something important to consider when choosing proper preparation table for your kitchen. Ideal location for compressor is as far as possible cooking equipment. All manufacturers have different recommendations for their products, but most require at least a 6-inch clearance between compressor and other equipment or a wall. Kitchen prep table with compressors at front are a great option because it does not matter which way table is, you always have adequate space for ventilation compressor.

Doors are a classic choice for a reason; serving. A great feature of many doors kitchen prep table is that they are self-closing. So if you’re serving a customer in a hurry and do not quite completely close door, it will close itself. This is an important feature because if cold air is not properly sealed inside, then is leaking and deteriorating power of unit. Drawers reduce total storage capacity because they take up more space, but typically may contain more food containers and is easier to grasp containers. You should take into account space in your kitchen and whether there is room to slide drawers. Drawers need considerable space to open and it must contemplate enough for a person to pass when open space.

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