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Blue desk chair – Choosing color of an office chair has a great importance because we can play different tones and achieve a corporate office display colors. There are many marketing efforts behind corporate identity of a company, as before a customer decide to buy or consume shape in his mind an idea based on his perception service. Here, key is tangibilizar office, attributing certain concepts or ideas that allow consumers to form in his mind idea behind essence or business reality.

Posted on December 9, 2017 Office chairs

Colors of office chairs and office furniture play a very important role related to this aspect. We will discuss different chromatic possibilities and possible combinations to decorate and choose color of office chairs that best matches. We also invite you to take a look at our post what is best color for walls of an office? Very interesting! Undoubtedly, black, white and gray are a basis with which to hit it easier. These neutrals always combine well with other elements, besides being more “suffered” and get dirty less, at least in for black or gray or blue desk chair.

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Blue Desk Chair ModernSize: 1500 x 1500

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If you seek simplicity and practicality is color blue desk chair. White for its part provides luminosity, being a very good option in those spaces where light is less and where we want to increase feeling of space. Another good idea is to provide a splash of color with office chair, if neutral tones, so that our brand new chair has a strong presence predominate in office or stay. Colors like orange or yellow convey joy, vitality and energy, so it is perfect for addition to achieving an attractive and different aesthetics, build an environment in which positive energy flow.

Cool colors like green, purple, turquoise or blue desk chair can also be our allies as color for an office chair. These tones convey a sense of calm and well being very nice and peacemaker. Play intensity offers a range of possibilities, so if we are more conservative as a dark tone of this model SYDNEY PRO will come to us like a glove. You are looking for a more striking and exclusive color? Perhaps this other chair victoria and its beautiful turquoise you fall in love from first moment and what about green, our corporate color? A color office chair very interesting for its positive values associated with nature, growth, calm, comfort, etc. Also noted that a more striking color does not have to mean giving up high performance or ergonomics, and proof of this is our ergonomic chair in blue.

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