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Decorating With Fabric Storage Bins – When living in a small apartment or home, you need to find creative ways to store your items, while keeping your home looking neat and tidy. You do not need to spend a small fortune on specific objects that are used to store your belongings. Creativity and a little imagination can make the difference between rooms that does not offer a lot of storage with use fabric storage bins, compared with a room that is completely organized.

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Fabric storage bins need not be boring, pedestrian objects. Decorate the bins so that they match the rest of your decor, which makes them a point of visual interest in the room instead of something you want to hide in the back of the closet. Turn a fabric storage compartment to a low table with a piece of linen cloth in white, cream or a subtle pattern. Drape the linen of bees as a tablecloth and place a small flower arrangement on top. This method is suitable for the bins that contain items that are not used very often, as well as seasonal items. If there are pets or small children in the house, put the bin on a side table to raise it higher off the ground before covering it.

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Glue or simply tie lengths of ribbon around a clear fabric storage bins to fit the color scheme of the room, without hiding the content. Different colors and widths of ribbon glued diagonally across the sides of the bin makes a striking statement. Attach band on the lid and add one or two frames for a dot. A glue gun will help you glue the tapes properly without making a mess. Stencils and paint designed for use on fabric is another way to spruce up the white fabric storage bins without blocking the view objects stored inside. A simple, repeating design like flowers or leaves and winding vines look very elegant in a kitchen or bedroom. For a child’s room, paint designs like stars or smiley faces in bright, primary colors. Antique-finish special colors make a plastic bin looks like pottery and stone.

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The fabric also makes a suitable coating for plastic containers. A pattern that binds clothing or bedding elsewhere in the room is an attractive fashion statement. Glue the fabric on the cover only, or cover the sides too. Cover the side’s means that you see what’s inside clear plastic container, however. Fabric plastic containers work well as toy boxes or store holiday ornaments.

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