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Bench with storage – A bench is a practical piece of furniture for the porch, home entrance or even the bedroom; a bench with hidden storage, even more. A do-it-yourself bench with storage presents a doable task that does not require professional carpentry skills. Plus, if you take the measurements for storage bench for the lumber yard, you can save yourself a lot of time by having an employee cut lumber to size for you.

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DIY bench with storage, Cut 3 of one timber into nine pieces of 16 inches; six pieces of 60 inches; and a distance of 14 inches. Cut ½-inch plywood for a base piece 60 by 16 inches; front and rear panels of 61 by 16 inches; and two side panels 18 by 16 inches. Cut ¾ inch plywood in a cover piece 61 by 19 inches. Collect 16- and 60-inch planks in three frames. Each frame should have three 16-inch planks, distributed vertical; and two 60-inch planks horizontally spanning ends of the 16-inch planks. Nail hits with two nails per 16-inch plank end – a total of 12 nails per frame.

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design ideas for build bench with storage, Position one frame flat on the work surface, 16-inch planks down. Place the base piece of plywood over the top and stitch in place along the 60-inch planks.bears against the remaining two frames, 16-inch boards facing inwardly, vertically along the 60-inch side of the base. Clamp in place then stitch frames to the base piece. the center side panels of plywood over the ends of the base and the sides of the vertical frames. The ends of the plywood to form a corner with the ends of the frames. Nail in place through the plywood at the bottom as well as on the adjacent sides of the frames. position the front and rear sheets of the plywood vertical frames bench. These panels should extend over the ends of the side panels, forming the final corner. Nail in place by the panels into the vertical frames and the ends of the plywood side panels. This completes the box with the bench.

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Push the remaining 14-inch 3 with one plank into the top of the box in the middle. It should fit between the vertical frames and flush with the top of the box; This is the center support. Nail in place by means of 3-inch nails. center piano hinge along one long edge of the lid. Screw into place. Center the lid of the back of the box and fasten the remaining part of the hinge; the lid should be flush with the back and sides and has a 1-inch lip at the front. Fill the nail holes with wood putty and let dry. Sand the entire bench with storage then varnish or paint as desired.

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