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Queen bed frame with storage – The best mattress in the world will not keep you from tossing and turning your time away if the foundation under is not solid. Build a platform bed to give yourself the rest you deserve. Three separate frame sections make moving your bed easier. The platform design also enables you to have storage underneath. The building is relatively simple, but it may take a few hours to complete.

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A standard queen size bed is 80 inches long but subtracts 10 inches from the total to allow for the thickness of the outer frame, which is 1 1/2 inches. These two boards forming the back of the lower frame when viewed from the side of the bed as if you have access to storage. Divide the length of the bottom platform in the desired number of queen bed frame with storage compartments. 3 line two longitudinal boards up with the ends flush. Measure down the length of the boards. Make a straight line to mark where you want to attach a board to form storage.

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Count the number of brands on a board and double it to provide enough boards for both sides of the bottom frame. Add four more boards to create the ends of the base queen bed frame with storage. Cut the number of boards required using additional 2 -by- 10 boards. Make boards measuring 23 1/2 inches in length, which makes the width of one-half of the frame minus 1 1/2 inches of the back plate. Normal width of a queen frame is 60 inches, so the bottom frame 10 inches clearance removed is 50 inches. The lower frames are two separate pieces, and the width of the back is accounted for.

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Adjust a short table with every brand across the board. Nail or screw through the long table and into the ends of the short boards, twice for each table. Line boards flush with the end and beginning to fix the outer boards. Repeat with the opposite side. Measure and cut four sheets of plywood to the same size of each frame. Place the plywood on one side of the first frame and the nail or screw through the plywood in each of the frame portions disposed underneath boards 6-8 inches apart. Turn the queen bed frame with storage over and repeat on the lower side. Secure the two sheets of plywood for the second base section in the same manner.

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