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Bathroom sink cabinets – Bathroom sink cabinets can provide extra storage space and hide unsightly plumbing. If you are remodeling a bathroom, you can replace or add a cabinet under the sink. Buying a professionally built cabinets to suit your needs and allotted space can be expensive. Building a custom cabinet at home and save money for other remodeling projects. Novice woodworkers can build a simple cabinets with straight cuts and simple installation.

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Measure the area where the cabinet will be installed. Use a tape measure to determine the necessary width, height and length. Cut a sheet of ¾-inch plywood to the desired height and length of the back of the bathroom sink cabinets with a table saw. Cut a second sheet of ¾-inch plywood to the desired width and length of the bottom of the cabinet. Cut another sheet of ¾-inch plywood into two pieces that are desired height and depth of the sides of the bathroom sink cabinets. Mount the frame. Place the sides, bottom and back and use a screwdriver to secure each corner of the cabinet with a wood screw. Screw additional wood screws along the edges where the cabinet pieces together.

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Cut two strips of ¾-inch finished walnut with the width of the bathroom sink cabinets for the upper and lower trim, made with the help of the table. Subtract 1½ inches from the height of the cabinet and cut two strips of ¾-inch finished walnut to the size of the side trim. Low strips on a flat surface and fit in the right form. Place top and bottom trim pieces above and below the side pieces. Secure each corner with a screwdriver and a wood screw. Stain or paint the trim with a brush. Place the assembled trim pieces over the front of the cabinet and use a hammer to secure them to the bottom and sides with a hammer and finishing nails. Push the cabinet in the desired position in the bathroom. Attach it to the wall with wood screws. Measure the height and width of the trim on the front of the bathroom sink cabinets. Decide how many doors are needed and divide the width by the number of doors required. If you need more than two doors, subtract ¾ inch for each additional set of doors. This will be necessary in the width of each door. Cut ¾-inch plywood to size for each door. Stain or paint.

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Install additional trim pieces, if necessary. If the cabinet will have more than two doors, cut additional trim pieces for the hinges. Cut a piece of ¾-inch finished walnut for each additional set of doors. Measure the width of a set of doors from the side trim on the cabinet and land. Place the trim piece on the mark and secure with finishing nails. Attach the hinges. Add two hinges on each vertical trim. Place doors and screw the hinges to the back of the doors. Add the desired door fittings with the screws. Measure the bathroom sink cabinets and determine the location of the bathroom sink cabinets. Measure the size of the sink and the distance to the front, back and both sides of the bathroom sink cabinets. Cut the desired laminate counter top to size with a table saw.

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