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3D wall panels – form a single cover wall, modular, easy to assemble and paint. Furthermore the panels are made of bamboo pulp, environmentally friendly. Perfect for decoration and ceilings in classrooms, shops, restaurants, offices and meeting rooms. As many already know there are some papers called 3d wall panels decor are papers to decorate the walls of a quite different from the usual way, as its decor is not like the classic imitation stone, these panels called 3D, its most common relief are forms geometric.

Posted on November 7, 2017 Wall Art Decorating Ideas

It is the latest in panels, are made of bamboo pulp, it is a rigid material and easy to assemble. The color of these panels 3D (as popularly called) come with a whitish color but can be painted any color you want. It is a fireproof, waterproof material, but no place better in areas such as the bathroom or in places that are in direct contact with water. The assembly of these panels 3D is not difficult, it can be cut with a utility knife (if necessary), and applied with an adhesive mounting to make it fixed or tape double – sided if we want a temporary basis. When you have placed the panels on the 3d wood wall panels filled joints or gaps between panels with joint filler.

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3d Wood Wall PanelsSize: 736 x 1104

3d Wall Panels 1036Size: 930 x 300

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Once placed the 3d wall panels last long, only you have to be very careful with the corners of the panel before putting it, when you’re driving, as they are very fragile. The cleaning is done with a dry cloth, are not noise insulation are panels decorative. If you want to paint the panels, you must first apply a primer to cover pores and after that you can paint the color you want, recommend painting matte latex, and use a brush or spray gun.

It is a very bold, different and modern decor, there are many types of relief just have to choose the one you like. One thing I recommend is to not put it on every wall, for my taste better left the room putting this 3d wall panels on the wall you want to highlight more, of course it is my taste, and finally always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and especially research very well, with this post I want to introduce you to this new way of decorating giving some information about the product, but remember they are the professionals who will best advise you.

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