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Teak patio furniture – Teak hardwood is the ultimate in what the outdoor furniture is concerned. Landscapers, manufacturers and decorators agree postulating it as the best choice thanks to its features. Among the features of the library, perhaps the most notorious segregation of a conservative oil. Teak oil functions as a drying prevention and the spread of disease. When the wood has been transformed into furniture, teak oil maintains its characteristics and makes teak a very resistant to climate changes wood and wood conditions. The result is a waterproof and insensitive to fungal pests or termites, perfect for making wooden furniture.

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Recently, their uses are extrapolating interior design thanks to the beauty of its grain and color so characteristic. However, if anything teak patio furniture is known for its use in gardens thanks to its properties and simple maintenance required. Since, thanks to its oil, teak is a wood that does not need a complicated maintenance, with the application of a layer of this oil per year is sufficient. Teak is a tropical hardwood that, when new, has a golden / honey brown. Over time, as they are exposed to the elements, natural teak gradually changes color from honey brown to silvery gray patina that distinguishes the aged teak outdoor correctly. After a while, this patina deteriorates to acquire a dark greenish gray appearance, if the wood is not.

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Teak patio furniture wood resists rot and extreme humidity, thanks to its own natural oils and resins. In the teak cabinet is exposed to weather small cracks or fissures as a result of temperature changes, which have no negative effect on the quality or durability of the cabinet and which are considered as normal in the process may occur timber adapting to the environment in which they are. This type of furniture is designed so that you can use and enjoy for decades.

Depending on environmental conditions, the natural graying may be noted after only a few weeks. In dry climates, teak will take several months to be affected. In humid climates, where furniture is subjected to frequent action dew and sunlight, wood furniture will wear faster. When buying new teak patio furniture, we should ask the color we prefer to maintain. If we like the gray silvery patina recommend teak restorer. If you prefer the golden brown / honey new teak, we should use a teak protector. If you find furniture that has already turned to dark gray, and we want to restore natural silver color, you use a cleaner teak to clean and restore the wood. Then apply the patina restorer to preserve color. If you prefer the color of new teak, use teak cleaner first to restore the color and apply the teak protector to preserve it.

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