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Stainless steel sinks – When you are faced with the reform of the kitchen there are plenty of elements that we must consider. You will have to settle because some materials or other often depending on the other components. When changing the sink may seem that this is the simplest but also requires a decision. Stainless steel is a very interesting option for a kitchen sink as it cleans easily and quickly and has a very professional look. While it is very hygienic and durable. But once overcome the doubts related to its design a breast or two embedded or overlaid; you should base your purchase decision on other less obvious factors affecting the quality or price ratio. Obviously this requires resorting to the advice of experts. Below we expose summarized in five points.

Posted on November 27, 2017 Cabinets and Sinks

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One important when choosing a particular model you sink informs its thickness characteristics. The thickness of the stainless steel plate which is manufactured model will give us a sample of their quality. When you hit the sink knuckles make more noise the thinner the plate with which it was designed. The depth of the breast is also an issue to consider if only in terms of ergonomics. A sink with shallow water will spray out also will be uncomfortable for scrubbing. Too deep stainless steel sinks, especially if recessed, can lead us back discomfort when you’re washing the dishes.

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See if the outside of the stainless steel sinks, which will be embedded in the counter has some covering that could help avoid excessive noise that can make water or objects that brought them to the sink. These coatings also serve to prevent water condensation on the outer surface of the sink, which will be inside the cabinet.

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The quality of stainless steel sinks is obviously an imponderable when choosing between a sink or other factor. The best stainless steel to make a sink is the 300 series, also known as type 304, is a very malleable and easy to weld steel. Besides very corrosion resistant. One of its features is to be non-magnetic, but we must not rely too much because the steel of the 200 series is also non-magnetic and change its corrosion resistance is much lower. It is also important that it be steel or 18/8 having these percentages of chromium and nickel to make it stain resistant. The molybdenum is introduced into the steel alloys to increase resistance to pitting corrosion or crack. When we talk about recessed sinks also we have to consider where the drain is located within. If you are located in the back you will leave more usable space in the lower kitchen cabinet. While leaving more usable space usage within the breast own sink.

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