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Metal cafe chairs – Paint a chair, like painting any other furniture does not have to be complicated, if you look good in your state before starting to apply the paint and fix any mess especially if that is not visible once we painted. Before painting we must check the status of the chair and if you are too impaired is best left to point to the paint is just the finishing touch. The first thing to do is check whether the chair, either wood or metal is very old and others and even holes in the case they are the first type.

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The metal cafe chairs have always sanding before starting them to paint as thus prepare it for all is uniform, and yet, because you can remove traces of paint have if it was a color or you had painted before. In the case of metal chairs, you have to do something similar and well cleaned completely, you plague a layer of what is known as a primer and consists of a special coating that will prepare the material to take paint well.

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On the other hand, before beginning to paint a metal cafe chairs with any paint that you buy, you know that there are on the market various types of paint and depending on how it is furniture painting, in this case a chair, there will be one that will do better than the rest.  The latex paint that is resist enters, and that while it is cleaned well take a long time to dry. The oil paintings are much more resistant to scratches. Although it has a much more intense smell and you can last for days, so you must then strive to eliminate the smell of paint.

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Once you have already chosen the type of painting metal cafe chairs, and you are well prepared with a brush and a brush to apply it come a time when you  can start painting. Well it covers the floor with newspapers so that you can paint without problems and without having to worry about whether you’re going to splash or not. The first is the layer primer or the sand the chair as mentioned above. If you have sanded well the chair, removes debris remaining metal with a clean cloth, if you have applied a primer coat let pass a few hours before starting to paint. If you see that the chair has holes, it is better than before painting, sconces some wood putty and cover them completely. To start applying the paint, be sure that you’ve removed before in the can with the help of a stick and that is not so thick.

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