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Porcelain wood tile – Manufacturers now make porcelain wood tile in a variety of styles, from solid colors to the wood grain and metallic-. And stone, which looks almost identical to natural stone. Porcelain tiles are easy to fit and cost less than many other flooring materials, making them a stylish and desirable choice for homeowners. Bear in mind that most companies have a minimum order but many will allow you to buy a single sample tile to try.

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Wood grain tiles are an unusual porcelain wood tile style. These resemble wood finish in colors ranging from gray driftwood to aged walnut, with each tile color varying to look like real wood. There are two options-sized squares or long rectangles of different sizes. The tiles are made to the housing and can be used on either the floor or walls. These special tiles cost between about $ 4 per square foot to almost $ 8 per square foot.

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Tiger Wood AshsSize: 1200 x 900

Porcelain Wood TileSize: 890 x 640

Barn Wood Straw AngleSize: 2000 x 1330

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Daltile making plain porcelain wood tile in bright colors like purple or emerald green that neutral as beige. These are also treated with Micro ban to inhibit bacteria growth. The tiles come in sizes from 6-inch to 18-inch squares. These tiles are made in the USA and sold at home improvement centers and tile shops. You can also order samples of these tiles on the manufacturer’s website, the approximately $ 8 these tiles retail for between $ 3 and $ 9 per square meter, depending on the dealer and the exact tile style.

Beside porcelain wood tile Porcelain tiles that resemble natural stones also are one of popular choice. Made to look like polished onyx, marble and other stone, these tiles are intentionally color-variegated look like real stone even closer. If you like the look of random color, this can be a good option for you. They come in many different colors, mostly staying around the neutrals of brown to gray and black. Sometime what the manufacturers call “pink” or “green” is more like brown with a pink undertone, just like real stone.  A popular stone style travertine, a natural stone. Travertine tends to be more expensive than porcelain tiles have been sealed and will be damaged by acidic elements such as orange juice spills. Fortunately, you can get the same look in china for between $ 2 and $ 4 per square meter. Most are rated for commercial or private use. The tiles come in all varieties of sizes, most frequently in the 12-inch seats, although some styles are available in larger sizes.

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