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Reclining chair and a half – One of the most comfortable, original and beautiful chairs that can put in a home, either indoors or outdoors, are the rocking chairs. A fabulous decorative element, we can find in the market easily in many styles and is a treat, not only to give a very interesting decoration of the house, but to guarantee us our half-hour daily relax, swaying gently in this chair. The catalog of forms and styles covered by this item for home, this post is reclining. Whether to watch television more comfortably or to take a little nap, the chair has the ability to tilt their support is an element that contributes to rest and, of course, the aesthetics of the room where it is located.

Posted on December 2, 2017 Living chairs

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The frame of the classic reclining chair and a half is designed to activate a mechanism, with the weight of our back to move backwards, the angle of inclination varies. This system is also in the legs, which are raised by a support. An extra chair is the vibration that provides a nice massage to release tensions caused by stress. The kind of seats is on the market on the sofa version for several people, as seen in the photo above, and in his armchair version, i.e. individually. Even there are models for two sharing a single arm to place the drink, like armchairs cinema. As for the upholstery, it is ideally skin, but not detract fabric.

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Although not recline in the purist sense, the rocking chairs are chairs that also change the axis of the person settles into them. Perhaps it is not fair to equate those who slatted seat and back with had overstuffed recliners that are used to seeing. However, this model photo may make you change your mind.  Outside, the reclining chair and a half abandons their bulky dimensions to become a lightweight chair.  Its back reclines thanks to a set of stops arms driven from the cabinet. Surely it is an armchair for outdoor it would be nice enjoy.

If you decide to put reclining chair and a half in the living room (in a corner or the like, out of the way) you think of what use you want to give before attaching it. For example, if you use it to watch TV, you look for the most suitable for optimum viewing angle. In general, we recommend place it in bright areas have access to natural light, especially for activities such as reading, sewing, knitting, breastfeed your baby, etc. Another great option for winter is put next to the fireplace, if you have it.

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