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Platform bed with storage – Bed with trundle is a super smart way to keep your organized and clean room to create a solid aesthetic appearance. The bed storage will certainly help to save space and to keep all your belongings in a space organized and functional storage. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive cabinets or cabinets have plenty space of your room, all you have to do is turn creativity and read carefully what comes next. We found an inspiring super ideas bed DIY storage are super easy to make and you will surely save a lot of space.

Posted on November 13, 2017 Bed storage

Platform bed with storage is typically found in small apartments, bedrooms and children’s rooms. In all these areas, a little creativity and a lot of storage are always welcome. So rethink the bed frame and switch wasted a declaration of intelligent design or an extra dresser opportunity. Put a double mattress on a platform that will provide storage, drawers or hinged panels under the mattress. Then make a headboard of a sheet of plywood’s covered with a photo mural on canvas. Photo murals are paintings of enlarged only, easy ordering photo shops or online picture. The mural can be mounted to the wall or platform bed.

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This is a great way to let a teenager dictate the decor of the room. The selection of photo carries the color for the rest of the bedding, walls and carpets. You can even turn a few pictures of the finalist pillows. And among the many options we find the platform bed with storage is an excellent alternative to decorate modern bedrooms without neglecting the needs of the user rest. These types of bed stand out for its simplicity and elegance. By presented in a very compact design, beds are able to adapt to most modern decor styles from minimalist to futurists as well are also beds that can give a contemporary and a vaunt – grade to classical style bedrooms touch.

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Basically we could say that this platform bed with storage have a minimalist design. They are rectangular beds made of wood, with very clean lines. It is precisely its simplicity allowing you to be elegant and at the same time discreet and can become the center of attention of the room or go unnoticed giving prominence to another element of the place. In addition, these platform beds are ideal for renovating the bedroom decor giving it a fresher and fresh air, breaking with traditional beds parameters.

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