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Diy wall art – Walls can give life to the dullest of houses. A wise choice of paint color and perhaps a new way of painting with different patterns or geometries can make the house and everything in it seems design or gives it a very personal atmosphere. These simple techniques can help you create the atmosphere you want. It is important to handle with ease the tape, laser or bubble level and masking tape, but little else, since applying the paint is almost a cinch.

Posted on December 5, 2017 Wall Art Decorating Ideas

Paint the diy wall art quotes striped by the technique of reservations is very simple, but also laborious. It is measure the wall to see how many (horizontal or vertical) stripes fit, may be all the same size or a certain pattern of colors and widths. In principle, the simplest thing is to paint the same vertical lines in just two tones. With tape measure determines the width of the strip and pencil trace a vertical line (measured at different heights) using a ribbon. Paste the masking tape on both sides of the strip and foam roller paint with the chosen color. Let dry color and without delay you remove the masking tape as it is gaining more and more grip. Placed a new tape and so you’re painting stripes in two colors using a foam roller the appropriate size. Do not fear because the tape applied over the dried paint does not remove the color.

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Keep soul of an artist to do well, so I recommend you look a model to copy first. It can be a flower or a silhouette of a fabric, curtains or perhaps a duvet cover you want to copy is best done in a single color. The result of silver on the violet hue of the wall you see in the picture, you see, is spectacular. Need little watered down acrylic paint and a brush quality. If you mess up at some point can be quickly corrected with a damp cloth or a cotton swab. Nothing can bring a more chic and urban air your diy bedroom wall art to express them concepts that make you feel good, like Relax, Party, Zen, or any other you can think of. Determines the size to which you want to put and find a simple font you like (online find dozens of them). Copy paper letters you need and play them on the diy wall art using the tape, masking tape and bubble level or laser.

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