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Storage cabinets with doors – Sound and media storage cabinets provide a safe and attractive way to organize and display your home theater system and your collections of music, movies, and video games. Storage media come in many styles, with different materials and features to suit your tastes, home decor and budget. Target the space for new sound and media storage cabinets. The dimensions of storage furniture displayed on the box, or you can quickly measure a display model in the store.

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Take a quick inventory of the equipment you already own. If your home theater consists of an audio / video receiver, DVD or Blu-Ray player and a widescreen TV, you only need a TV stand with a two shelf storage cabinet underneath. If you have a CD player, tape deck, VCR and a gaming system, with a snake nest of cables behind them, an audio component rack next to a TV stand can be the best option. If you plan to expand your system later, look at the storage cabinets with doors with enough space so you have room to grow.

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Look for audio storage cabinets with doors that come with glass or wooden doors or another form of coverage for the components inside. Glass doors allow you to check your equipment. For a nice presentation in traditional decor, a wood storage cabinet with massive wooden doors close saved all your components and present only the facade of a fine piece of furniture. Whatever you choose, doors case because audio equipment generates a lot of static electricity that draws dust and lint like a magnet. Doors keep equipment clean. Make sure the audio enclosure is well ventilated in the back, with holes for routing audio-video cables and power cords. A / V receiver generates a lot of heat, especially at high volumes, so you need a vented enclosure.

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Think about your collecting habits and future storage requirements when choosing media cabinets. Modular systems work well for growing film and music collections because you can add storage, as you need to expand. Look at the storage cabinets with doors  units with adjustable shelves. CDs and DVD and Blu-ray cases are all different heights when arranged on a shelf as books. You must be able to adapt the shelves to hold different types of media. As with audio cabinets, you can buy enclosed storage media with doors to hide your collection or open cabinets to show all the titles.

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