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3 piece patio set – A patio, a balcony or a garden is not complete without a place to sit. There are several pieces of furniture ideal for outdoor, and can be found in shopping malls, in stores selling household goods and online. The possibilities are really a lot, which can complicate the choice of the perfect items. Buy pieces that one day soon you’ll love the most can be an expensive mistake, which have cost 30 EUR or 3,000. So, better to follow these tips for decorating your garden before fiondarti to the store.

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Consider 3 piece patio set for your needs: Evaluate the size of the area. Do not leave too many gaps, but you are also careful not to overload a small room. You not want to end up with a set of furniture that on paper are great, but do not enter the patio. Think about how you will use the outdoor furniture. You decide if you will dine outdoors, you will drink the drink, take the sun, you read a book or simply will rest and you will enjoy the nice weather.

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Consider who will use the furniture. For example, if the chairs you choose will be used by children or adults of small stature, avoids particularly high 3 piece patio set. Also assess the weight, because some types of furniture cannot sustain the guests that exceed a certain size. Determines the maintenance you’re willing to devote to patio furniture. The pillows should be washed occasionally, while the plastic and wood can be cleaned through a cloth.

Keep in Mind Climate

Buy furniture waterproof if you live in a rainy. Choose 3 piece patio set of plastic water-resistant; if you do not like, you can always buy other materials, the important thing is to have waterproofing properties. The furniture UV-resistant if you live in a sunny area. In the event that the pieces will find themselves exposed to direct sunlight, you’ll need materials that do not fade easily. Stay away from the materials which become hot when exposed to the sun. The chairs of plastic or metal, for example, they can burn the people when they remain in the sun for hours. Considers the wood instead, or buy the cushions of a fabric that does not retain the heat.

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Ideas buying an umbrella for shade when the sun is shining or to protect you when it rains. Place it in the correspondence table or chairs, unless you have a covered patio that will protect the decoration 3 piece patio. Make sure that all metal parts are rust-resistant. This factor should be kept in mind when it comes to fully metal furniture or have only small elements of this material.

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