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Torchiere floor lamp – If you just want an antique look to your lighting, you can find brass floor lamps and other reproduction antiques in many stores, both online and in your area. Genuine antique lamps, however, are much rarer. Antique shops and online retailers can wear antique floor lamps, and there are even shops that specialize in parts for antique lamps. In case of vintage floor lamps, which were made before electricity became commonplace, a restoration shop discreet wire armature for electricity.

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Because floor lamps often used for reading or other close work, it is important to be aware of the kind of light you get from it. Many people find they experience less eye fatigue with a full spectrum floor lamp. In addition, full spectrum bulbs credited with helping people who have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and experience depressive symptoms in the winter months. Modern torchiere floor lamp has been popular for some time because they cast a very bright light from a single bulb. Fluorescent floor lamps are highly energy efficient, but may not be the best choice for close work; some people find the tired eyes.

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You may feel as if you are in a country house and your TV (gasp) has not been connected yet, it’s perfect, just you, your new desk lamp, an armchair and paper. A good way to reduce moving stress! Most of your lighting is not installed either, then you will be pleased to know that many furniture antique torchiere floor lamp combos include a night light great for soothing your kids when they wonder why in the world you ever moved here. Now while you sit near your new floor lamp, you wonder if your new neighbors always play their music this loud.

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Many torchiere floor lamp are adjustable and swing-arm function, you can vary the location of the lamp. On the other hand, the dual pharmacy halogen floor lamp design adjusts from 35 inches to 55 inches. Hold 40-inch benchmark in mind when choosing the right height. You can shine your forearm on your lap if you study calculus, but make sure you get uncomfortable trying to remember the material rather than trying to cope with a floor lamp that is the wrong height. So if the Stephen King novel has suddenly hot and scared, you have probably jumped out of your chair and get too close to the bulb.

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