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A tufted slipper chair – is armless and has a seat cushion low. Tufted slipper chair appear in bedrooms, where they got their start, living room and even dining rooms, in the ornate polished woods, utilitarian fabrics and metal, or completely wrapped in pleated overlay. Tufted slipper chair were designed to fit the bill. The seats are about 15 inches from the ground, and no weapons meant that the voluminous skirts could be spread out over half the dressing room while her grace donned her slippers. The chairs were typical wood-framed and stuffed, but they can be very common and slip-covered, all-over padded, upholstered and tufted, matched to fancy decorated with embroidered brocade fabric and trim, or the simple, boxy and covered in serviceable linen or cotton.

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Tufted slipper chair earns his living in the bedroom or a dressing room. They slip into a corner, without cluttering the landscape, to give a quick seat to remove or put on shoes or tricky outfits. Cover a simple L-shaped chair with short wooden legs in a glossy stripe, gem-toned velvet or bold damask pattern reflecting bedroom furnishings. Try a wide navy and silver striped tufted slipper chair covers in an ice-blue bedroom with a gunmetal duvet covers and drapes and art decor mirrored dresser.

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Guests in your tiny studio might prefer a low place to no place. A tufted slipper chair is discreet but let your handy friends take a load off in a small footprint Furniture. You can stop the two tufted slipper chair in the corners, or place them side by side to meet a loveseat. Let the chairs shine with safari-printed dress in zebra or tiger stripes. Cover a tufted slipper chair in tobacco-colored distressed leather as an accent piece in an eclectic room full of found treasures that do not match but are interesting enough to act as deliberate on the off-beat, decor.

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Short legs tufted slipper chair do not work with your normal height dining table, but you can use them around a coffee table or a low snack or table games for grabbing a quick bite. Unbleached linen slip covered chairs snuggle comfortably in a corner of the living room, or in front of a curtain-flanked picture window, around a low natural wood tables. Whitewashed, carved wooden tufted slipper chair with faded purple velvet seats are a high style beyond your shabby chic theme eats in the kitchen when paired with a slimmed-down pedestal, even contrite and whitewashed. When you do not have a dining room, tufted slipper chair do double-duty as a conversation-seating of the sofa and chairs beside a low end table is pulled away from the couch for meals.

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