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Oval glass coffee table – As I told you in a previous post, I am changing my room, not only distribution, but also all furniture. So I created a new tab in Blog, My home … My decor, hope to serve you and give you ideas. Today I want to talk about choosing coffee table. Right now I have one as a coffee table Ikea Lack of wenge. Come on! One of those many of us have in our homes!

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My room is small and now that my kids get older, and are more careful, I decided to change it and put a glass. In addition to this style of oval glass coffee table  like me a lot, in my case, I gain in visual range , which is coupled with storage I need right now. Looking for ideas on Internet, I think more or less and I have decided what I’m going to get. Although I will take time, and exactly what I want I have not found, so I will touch make it virtually zero, on one hand design and manufacture other! I’ll tell you in another post adventure of my coffee table.

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Oval glass coffee table: They are light, visually enlarge space, can be used with other decorative styles to be neutral. Another reason I like is that we can put on them that with which we feel identified, either by our personality, either way we decorate. Tables where glass is combined with a metal structure:’re beautiful and depending finish and shape of metal structure can be used and accentuate different styles, including classical, modern, contemporary or industrial.

Oval glass coffee table allows two different props: larger objects such as baskets, boxes or candlesticks down, and smaller above elements. We love marble tray with candles (another “must have” in tables). vase with green leaf gives a touch of chic to this most rustic decor. We know that is nothing trendy smoking in homes, but who refuses to have an ashtray yellow glass like crown this pile of books? For those who wish to have flowers on table, tulips never fail in a good styling.  A group of three or four old bottles (such as carboys, so fashionable lately) can be a very decorative appeal on table. To give a vegetable touch, you can put some wild flower in smallest vase. What do you think glass tables? Do you prefer first block or second?

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